Are you wondering how to build a video production studio?

It's a big decision and a major project because of the costs, time and resources involved. And the process could be considered on the complex side. Not to worry, though! We'll give you step-by-step directions here on how to build a video production studio.

Just know that if you prepare in advance, and you line up the right people to participate in carrying out this process, it can be a breeze. There are many organizations, businesses and educational facilities who have built their own video production studios and are enjoying all the benefits! You can too. 

By the way, if you're still in the process of deciding whether to build your own video production studio, you may want to read this article:  Should We Build an In-House Video Production Studio. If you're in the process of making a decision, it can also be helpful to know the steps required. We'll cover below.

Step #1: Decide on the kinds of videos you're planning to create. 

This might be the most important step in the process. You'll really need to know what exactly you hope to accomplish using your studio. To help you get to that, you may wish to consider the following questions:

  • Exactly what do you plan to produce? 
  • What kind of space will you need? What will your sets need to be like?
  • Do you plan on taping interviews and panels?
  • If you have a business, will you need to show your products?
  • Do you plan on using green screen?

Having the answers to these questions will be vital to your success. And your video studio design and building company will have to have that information in order to properly design your studio. 

How to build a video production studio

Step #2: Figure out the top amount you can spend.

If you were going to buy a new home or a car, you'd have to have a sense of the top of your budget. It's the same with a video production studio. There's a reality that you'll need to deal with. Your budget will dictate how far you can go with equipment and other features, such as adding a cyclorama. 

On average, we see that most video production studios fall between $200,000 and $500,000, more or less. It's essential to be realistic, and your designers will need to know what they can spend on your behalf. 

What if you can't really afford everything you're hoping for? If you're limited by your budget, you may want to consider expanding it if it's at all possible. This will be a decision that must be made with your goals in mind. If it's not possible to expand your budget, a good studio designer will help you prioritize and will give you the most bang possible for your buck.

Step #3: Decide exactly where you will build your studio. 

This is another essential step in the process of how to build a video production studio. 

In an ideal situation, your studio will have plenty of space.  You'll want it as far as possible from anything that can create noise such as elevators, bathrooms, offices, etc. While all that isn't 100% required, it's ideal. Sometimes you don't have a choice, though. There are things you can have done to the space you have to make it as quiet and workable as possible. 

When you know where your studio will be, and what your budget top is, you're ready to contact a video studio design and building company. 

How to build a video production studio for larger studios

Step #4: Write a Request for Proposal, or at least a list of your most important wants and needs. 

At this time, you should have an architect and a general contractor. Now you need to get ready to pick the company you'll use to design and build your studio. You'll want to design your RFP to include the details you've come up with above (include any blueprints if you have them), along with any of your equipment wishes if you have them. Make it as general or specific as you'd like. Remember, if you've included equipment on this RFP, this isn't your final equipment list. Everything can change once you bring on a studio designer. 

As you prepare your RFP, know that it's being created for a purpose. It will allow you to begin a conversation with each of the companies you reach out to. The idea is to find the company you sync with and who you feel most comfortable with. 

Step #5: Connect with studio design and building companies. 

Now it's outreach time. Look for companies that can design and build your studio. Based on the responses you get, you'll want to begin phone interviews.

The studio designer you choose should understand your goals and know how to help you meet them. They should have an intimate knowledge of designing for work flow, and how to adapt the studio to your work culture. Your studio has to be a place that everyone who uses it will feel comfortable with it. The company you choose should also be able to procure and test your equipment. And they should be able to train your staff on the use of the equipment. Naturally they should have a reputation for excellent customer service, easy phone access and quality work. 

This personal contact should help you decide which company you feel most comfortable with. 

Step #6: Choose a design/build company, sign their contract, and make a deposit.

You've chosen a company. Now you'll want to review their contract and make sure it's exactly what you were looking for.  Once you've signed on the dotted line, your company should be able to begin ordering all the equipment. They can also begin the design process.

Step #7: Have your studio design/build company connect with your general contractor and architect. 

You were wondering how to build a video production studio, and now you've got all the support to do it. It's time to connect your people to one another, so they can get to work. They'll be exchanging blueprints and schematics, along with exact details and measurements. Your architect and general contractor will provide the initial blueprints, and the studio design and build company will overlay their designs on top of those blueprints. Their designs will include info such as power requirements, conduit runs and air conditioning ducts. It's essential to have the design approved by everyone involved prior to pulling cables and prior to having the walls closed. 

Step #8: Site Inspection by the studio design company

Your general contractor has moved forward with construction. Your next step should be to schedule an inspection visit for the studio design company. They must make sure that everything they required was done properly. If anything is done incorrectly by the general contractor, it must be fixed by them at this time. 

Step #9: Finish construction

At this point, the studio is built, the equipment installed, and the finishing touches are added. All the equipment is placed, including the light grid and the floors. It's time for testing the equipment. Every piece should be functioning perfectly. 

Step #10: Training

The studio design and building company representatives will now teach your studio staff how to operate all the equipment in the studio. You'll want to be sure that whoever you hire to design and build your studio will be accessible and effective when it comes to training. 

You're done!

Now you know how to build a video production studio. It's time to have a blast with it! Of course, questions might come up. Again, you'll want to be sure that your studio design company will make themselves accessible to you after it's completed. 

Are you ready to begin?

Contact us here at Ball Media Innovations. We know how to build video production studios. We know how to design your studio in a way that will allow you to create efficiently and effectively. You'll love the working environment we create for you, and it will be a studio you can be proud of.