The Top 3 Benefits of Having an In-House Corporate TV Studio

Pretty much anyone in business knows that video has become an increasingly important medium for corporate communication. Every successful marketer, business owner and corporate exec knows that this is true. There are some companies that have been using video for decades. Many of them have had their own in-house TV studios. Now the rest of the business world is coming to the same conclusion as they have. Video is a necessity to compete.

As a result, many businesses have invested in their own in-house TV production studios. These businesses have reaped the many benefits a TV studio offers! What are the benefits, you ask? Here are what some consider to be the top three perks of building a corporate in-house TV production studio:

Increased Control and Flexibility With an In-House Corporate Video Production Studio

Are you a business owner or corporate exec? Then you know that keeping up with the marketing and communication needs of your company can keep you overwhelmingly busy. There's so much pressure and time is valuable. One of the key benefits of having an in-house TV production studio is the increased control and flexibility it provides. When outsourcing video production to external agencies, businesses may have limited control over the creative direction, timeline, and budget of the project. This can lead to delays, miscommunications, and additional expenses. Consider that your video needs may not be the priority for your outsourced video production company. And you certainly won't be receiving the lowest possible pricing.

With an in-house studio, your business can have more control over the entire production process, from pre-production to post-production. And from timing to expenditures. For example, your in-house studio staff can tailor the videos to your specific needs and adjust the creative direction as needed without any external constraints. They can also ensure that the videos are aligned with your overall marketing and branding strategy.

Having an in-house studio also allows for more flexibility in terms of timelines and budgets. This is because projects can be adjusted as needed to meet changing requirements. For instance, if you want to create a last-minute video for an upcoming event, you can do it quickly and easily with an in-house studio, rather than having to rely on an external agency. Your company can set the priorities. This can help your business to release videos in a more timely way.

Your in-house TV production studio can also help with flexibility in other ways. For example, suppose your CEO is going to be on-camera, but is only available within a short time frame. This commonly happens in most companies. Having your own studio can allow you flexibility with the date and time of a shoot. This is super valuable. You can't put a price on that!

An In-House Corporate TV Studio Allows For Consistent Quality and Branding

In-house corporate video production studio engineer Another benefit of having an in-house corporate TV production studio is the ability to maintain consistent quality and branding across all videos. When working with external agencies, it can be difficult to ensure that the videos produced are consistent with the company's branding and messaging.

By having an in-house studio, your company can be sure that all videos produced are aligned properly. And this is very important when it comes to internal training as well. This helps to establish not only your brand identity and reputation, but training quality. Consider that many companies use their TV studios to create employee training videos. This enables them to create videos that represent the processes and procedures in an accurate and consistent way. This can bring about consistent performance with your employees.

Now back to branding. Most companies have specific guidelines for the use of color, typography, and imagery in its marketing materials. By having an in-house studio, your business can ensure that these guidelines are followed consistently across all video content. When you have your own in-house corporate TV production studio, you can build and maintain your own sets. The ability to design your own sets allows you greater consistency, control and freedom with the branding of your videos.

Having an in-house studio also enables you to experiment with different styles and formats to see what works best for your brand. For instance, you can try out different types of videos, such as explainer videos, product demos, or customer testimonials, and see what resonates most with their audience. You can also try out different styles of video to see what appeals to your target market.

Cost Savings Are Possible With In-House Corporate TV Production Studios

Set design within a corporate video production studio Finally, having an in-house video production studio can lead to cost savings over time. While there is an upfront investment required to set up an in-house studio, over time, the cost per video can be significantly lower than outsourcing to external agencies. This is because the business can amortize the cost of the equipment and staff over multiple projects, reducing the overall cost per video. This allows for much greater creative freedom. It also allows businesses the ability to create more content than they would have without an in-house corporate video studio. And in these times of extreme competition, that can only help your company succeed.

In addition, having an in-house studio can help to reduce travel and other expenses associated with working with external agencies. If a business has multiple locations, it may need to incur travel expenses for external agencies to film at each location. With an in-house studio, the business can film everything in-house, eliminating the need for external travel and associated expenses. This is especially helpful if a company has large products. There's no need to move the products beyond their own studio. One studio we built was for a company called Mattress Firm. We created multiple bedroom sets, so they could show their beds. In the past, they had to manually move mattresses to a local studio for shooting videos. That's expensive, labor-intensive and time-consuming. Now that's no longer necessary.

A set designed specifically for a large product - Mattresses - on a set built for Mattress Firm.
A set designed specifically for a large product - Mattresses - on a set we built for Mattress Firm.

Additionally, having an in-house studio allows for more efficient use of resources. For example, if a business has an existing marketing or creative team, it can leverage their skills and expertise for video production. This can help to avoid duplication of efforts and reduce the overall cost of video production.

Do you need an in-house corporate TV production studio?

So, you can see that by having a corporate in-house TV production studio, your company should gain increased control and flexibility, consistent quality and branding, consistent internal training, and cost savings over time. There are many more advantages. Take a look at our article called "The Benefits of Building An In-House Video Studio For Your Company", for a more in-depth look.

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